[Stripes-users] Bean Validation

Subject:   [Stripes-users] Bean Validation (find more)
Date:   Nov 18, 2005 11:48

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Subject: [Stripes-users] Bean Validation
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Hi everybody!
While I was working on my own implementation of a bean validation
framework using annotations I came across this thread in your archives:
and it gave me some ideas.

I've implemented several of the suggestions in the thread and put
together an LGPL'd package for bean validation using annotations. I
didn't make a pretty web site for it yet but the javadoc's are fairly

The package will make use of Hibernate validation annotations if they
exist but it doesn't require any third-party jars to function. It has
its own annotations that you can use as well as write your own
validation annotations. You can also extend it with translators for
other third-party validation annotations.

It's very easy to add validation to your beans. Here's a complete example:

import com.mongus.beans.validation.MaxLength;
import static com.mongus.beans.validation.BeanValidator.validate;

class MyBean
    public void setName(final String name)
        this.name = name;

It is designed to perform validation before you store anything to
prevent invalid data from making it into your bean. Don't forget to add
the validate call or it won't do anything! :-)

Each annotation has it's own error message that will be thrown in a
ValidationException. ValidationException extends
IllegalArgumentException so it doesn't need to be declared in a throws
statement. If you add an ErrorMessage annotation it will override any
messages from specific annotations.

The javadoc is available here:

Complete package with the source, docs and mongus-validation.jar is here:

Or if you don't want the source the mongus-validation.jar weighs in
under 23K:

This package is beta software. Criticism and/or suggestions gladly
accepted. :-)

Aaron Porter

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