[Stripes-users] Stripes tags in tag files

Subject:   [Stripes-users] Stripes tags in tag files (find more)
From:   Sebastian Beigel <hidden> (find more)
Date:   Dec 02, 2005 07:12


I really like to create my own form tags using (JSP 2.0) custom tag
files. This gives me the possibility to create reusable form components
(w/ labels, special layout or e.g. date widgets, password and repeat
password, special select boxes or even AJAX-autocompletions etc.)

For example:


<%@ include file="/taglibs.jsp" %>
<%@ attribute name="property" required="true"%>

<label for="${property}"><fmt:message key="${property}"
/>:</label><stripes:text name="${property}" /><br />

and in your JSP:

<%@ taglib tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags" prefix="tags"%>

<tags:text property="foo.name" />

Unfortunately, the Stripes tags are not usable in this context: The
taglib validator (TagLibraryValidator) and the runtime check
(InputTagSupport.getParentFormTag()) fail (because the retrieval of the
tags' parent is not working correctly w/ tag files, AFAICS).

This is almost a show-stopper for stripes (in my case) and I think we
urgently need a solution for this problem.


Sebastian Beigel // Software Architekt
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      Hey Sebastian, This is already fixed in the latest Stripes builds. I'll push out a point release this weekend. In the latest builds instead of just using the parenttag hierarchy to find enclosing tags (the form field tags use the form tag for certain ... (1 more message in this thread)