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Subject:   Re: [Stripes-users] Populating Sets (find more)
From:   Sebastian Beigel <hidden> (find more)
Date:   Dec 05, 2005 08:54


> I think there are several ways to tackle this depending on exactly what
> the underlying objects look like, and what you need done in order to
> make your use case work...

I made this work using a request-scope action bean, a Formatter for my
domain objects and a constructor with an appropriate String param (to
process the id) -- and fixing a bug (or missing feature *g*) in Stripes


In your action bean:

public Foo foo;

// getter & setter...

in your domain object Foo:

public Set<Bar> bars;

// getter & setter...

in your child domain object Bar:

// constructor
public Bar(String id) { = new Long(id);

and in your JSP:

<c:forEach items="${actionBean.bars}" var="b" varStatus="status">
 <stripes:checkbox name="foo.bars" value="${}"
checked="${}" /> ${b.label}

This works also w/ multi-select boxes like:

<stripes:select multiple="true" name="foo.bars">
 <stripes:options-collection collection="${actionBean.bars}" value="id"
label="label" />

You need a special Formatter for your domain objects or you adjust your
toString() in these objects, I prefer the former (my domain objects all
extend BaseModel):


// other (empty) methods omitted

public String format(Object input) {
 return ((BaseModel) input).getId().toString();

Stripes is great! I knew there would be a way to do this in a simple and
elegant way! :)



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