[Stripes-users] Invoking ActionBeans using AJAX

Subject:   [Stripes-users] Invoking ActionBeans using AJAX (find more)
From:   Y <hidden> (find more)
Date:   Dec 20, 2005 14:50

  New to AJAX and Stripes
  I'm try to using <stripes:button> to enable by 2nd button by using AJAX,.
  I can enable the 2nd button, but the first button can't get go my java codes.
  <stripes:button name="S" value="S"
  onclick="invokeActionForm(this.form, this.name, enableResult);"/>
  <stripes:submit name="A" value="A" disabled="true"/>
  function enableResult(xmlHttpRequest) {
  var url = 'index.jsp';
  var par = document.forms[0].A.disabled=false;
  var target = 'index';
  var ta = document.getElementById(" ");
  ta.innerHTML = xmlHttpRequest.responseText;
  var myAjax = new Ajax.Updater(target, url, par);

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