[Stripes-users] form submit bug?

Subject:   [Stripes-users] form submit bug? (find more)
From:   Nic Holbrook <hidden> (find more)
Date:   Dec 28, 2005 16:23

<input type="image" name="EditUser"

When I submit a form with this method, the name
EditUser is passed through as EditUser.x and
EditUser.y.  I am using the pure html version of this
tag.  Is there a stripes equivalent?  I saw button and
submit but I didn't see where I could use an image.



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  • [Stripes-users] form submit bug? Nic Holbrook <hidden>
    • Re: [Stripes-users] form submit bug? Tim Fennell <hidden>

      Hey Nic, You're right that there is no stripes:image tag yet. It has been at the bottom of the list of priorities because I don't think it adds a tremendous amount of value (using the HTML one gets you most of what you need ... (5 more messages in this thread)