Re: [Stripes-users] Client-side validation

Subject:   Re: [Stripes-users] Client-side validation (find more)
Date:   Sep 21, 2005 07:18

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Hey Sergey,

> Ok, thanks for the link, I'll try it in my project. Back to client-
> side validation, I think it would be pretty nice to have some  
> specialised form tags, buttons and ValidationErrorHandler to  
> provide this kind of validation out-of-box.
This is definitely something I'm looking into.  I'm not sure exactly  
what form it'll take yet, but I'd like to be able to provide a nice  
out-of-the-box way to build AJAX applications.

> BTW, what do you think about integrating some 3rd party ajax  
> JavaScript libraries like script.acu.los, prototype etc. ? And is  
> there some kind of roadmap for Stripes ?
The integration to a third party library is something of an open  
question.  When I wrote up that how-to on Stripes+AJAX I did go  
looking for a 3rd party library that I could use instead of writing  
my own JavaScript.  And that's also why the JS file is up on the  
website as "example code" instead of being bundled with Stripes as  
"the way to do things".  I.e. I don't want to be supporting reams of  
JavaScript code if there are good 3rd party libraries for it.  I  
think the difficulty is in that there  is no clear winner in the AJAX  
lib space yet, and a lot of the libraries either don't have one or  
two key pieces of functionality, or aren't well documented, or don't  
support some browsers (seems quite common not to support Safari or IE  
pre-6.0).  I'm not quite sure what the solution to this is.  Perhaps  
just examples of how to use Stripes with several of the more popular  
JS libraries?  If anyone is using Stripes with prototype,  
script.acu.los, Rico, Mochi-Kit etc. and would like to share  
examples, I'd be more than happy to post them on the website.

As for a Roadmap, the closest thing there is right now is what's in  
JIRA.  The URL is:

I use JIRA to track all bugs and feature requests.  Right now you'll  
see a small collection of things bucketed into the 1.1 release, which  
I hope to get out in the next 2-3 weeks.  Nothing is slotted into a  
release beyond 1.1, because I want to wait a little and see what  
folks are asking for :)


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