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Visit this page regularly to keep up to date with what's going on with Stripes. Alternatively sign up for the Stripes Users' mailing list.

Stripes 1.2.2 Released

Stripes 1.2.2 has been released. This version is a minor bug fix version that includes fixes for two known bugs as well as two small improvements:

  • STS-115 - Incorrect creation of client browser URL while using RedirectResolution within ActionBean Handler method.
  • STS-119 - TypeConverters cannot produce arrays of Collections from a single parameter value
  • STS-120 - Reparent the SpringAwareActionResolver under NameBasedActionResolver
  • STS-121 - New TypeConverter for converting a single field value into multiple values

To download this release please visit the Download page.

Stripes 1.2.1 Released

Stripes 1.2.1 has been released.  This version is a minor bugfix version that fixes four known issues from the 1.2 release. The bugs fixed are:

  • STS-110 - FlashCope fails after session invalidation
  • STS-111 - Stripes 1.2 doesn't work with Spring unless you go through an ActionBean first
  • STS-112 - FormTag doesn't always preappend the contextpath
  • STS-114 - URLBuilder does not create valid XHTML
Stripes 1.2 Released

Stripes 1.2 Release Notes

Stripes 1.2 contains several major areas of new functionality as well as many smaller enhancements and bug fixes. The 1.2 release number is meant to indicate the inclusion of major new functionality and not a break in backwards compatibility.

Major new functionality

  • Wizard Forms: A new system for automatically handling wizard (multi-page) forms. State is automatically persisted between pages in a way that is secure and multi-window safe. Furthermore validation is run only for those fields that were present on the page at rendering! For details see the new Wizard Forms How To.
  • Flash Scope: The new flash scope is used to make objects from the current request cycle available to the next request cycle (in the same window). It is extremely useful in enabling redirect-after-post semantics without losing all the information generated by the post. For details see the State Management How To.
  • Action Resolution using Names: A new ActionResolver implementation, NameBasedActionResolver. This resolver maps urls to classes intelligently based on class (and package) names, and maps events to methods based on method names. Where present annotations will override the name-driven mappings. In addition the NameBasedActionResolver is simple to extend to introduce new rules for url and event mapping.
  • Pluggable Tag Repopulation: Value population and re-population for form field tags is now handled by a configurable component, making it easy to change the behaviour. For details see the Configuration Reference page or refer to the JavaDoc for PopulationStrategy

Other enhancements and changes

  • Validation annotations can now be placed on private fields in addition to public getter/setter methods
  • Annotations in child classes will automatically override those in parent classes
  • The @Validate annotation now supports minimum and maximum value checking for all numeric types
  • Built in numeric type converters now automatically handle currency and parenthetical-negative values
  • A new Email type converter (requires JavaMail which is not distributed with Stripes)
  • Ability to have Validatable.validate() called even when validation errors exist
  • Improved generation of "friendly" property names when localized names are not provided
  • Default form method is now POST
  • RuntimeConfiguration is now the default Configuration

Bug fixes

  • HTML event attributes are now correctly specified for stripes:form in the TLD
  • Component type of deeply nested collections is now recognized correctly
  • Bugzooky app now renders correctly in Internet Explorer (an IE XHTML bug was causing it to fail)
  • Made handling of URLs (specifically when to prepend context path) consistent between stripes:form and stripes:link tags
  • Removed all uses of Class.forName() and replaced with getContextClassLoader().loadClass()
Stripes 1.1.2 Released
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