[Stripes-dev] Stripes 1.1 Beta 1 Released

Subject:   [Stripes-dev] Stripes 1.1 Beta 1 Released (find more)
Date:   Oct 03, 2005 21:24

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Subject: [Stripes-dev] Stripes 1.1 Beta 1 Released
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Stripes 1.1 Beta 1 has been released.  Major new functionality includes:

1. Spring Integration (thanks to Dan Hayes for the original code).  A  
new ActionResolver implementation and annotation are available which  
allow Spring beans to be automatically injected into ActionBean  

2. Component layout tags.  Three new tags for defining and using re-
usable layouts ala Tiles and SiteMesh.  Not designed to be a complete  
replacement for the aforementioned tools, but to cover the needs of  
80-90% of projects without the complexity of Tiles or integrating  
another toolkit.

3. New Resolution type: JavaScriptResolution. Designed to be used to  
produce responses to AJAX requests.  Converts a web of Java objects  
including JavaBeans, Collections, Maps and Arrays into a set of  
JavaScript statements that can be eval'd on the browser to created a  
matching JavaScript object web.

4. New tags for forms, <stripes:password ../> and <stripes:label ../>

Numerous other improvements and bug fixes are also included.  For  
more information on what is included check out the JIRA release notes:

The documentation site has not yet been updated to include documents  
on the new features, but updated javadoc and tag library  
documentation can be found at:

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.  If you find any bugs please  
either send email to the list, or log them in JIRA.  I'll get to them  
as quickly as I can.  Thanks!