Stripes vs. Struts

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One of my prime frustrations with Struts is the fact that just to implement a single page/form, I have to write or edit so many files. And I have to keep them in sync, or else things start going horribly wrong. With Struts I have to write my JSP, my Action, my Form, a form-bean stanza in the struts-config.xml, an action stanza in the struts-config.xml, and if I'm going to do it the Struts way, a bunch of forward stanzas. And let's not go into the fact that since this is all stored in one xml file I'm continually facing merge conflicts with my team mates. Yes, there are annotations for Struts, but they are just literal translations of what's in the XML file, and they don't feel natural to me.

Compare this with Stripes. I write my JSP. I write my ActionBean and annotate it with a @UrlBinding to specify the URL it should respond to, and one or more @HandlesEvent annotations to map events to methods. I'm done. All the information about the form and the action are is in the same place.

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