[Stripes-users] question regarding stripes:checkbox

Subject:   [Stripes-users] question regarding stripes:checkbox (find more)
Date:   Oct 18, 2005 07:42

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Subject: [Stripes-users] question regarding stripes:checkbox
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Hi Tim.

Could you provide some examples of using stripes:checkbox tag with
Boolean ActionBean attributes ? I can't figure how to make it work
Here's my situation : I have UserActionBean with attribute user of type
User, which has attribute enabled of type Boolean set to Boolean.FALSE
by default (It was default to null before, but I have to change it
because I was getting NPE in InputTagSupport.format() line 211 - BTW,
maybe it worth to check input value for null there and return empty
string in that case ?). In my userForm.jsp I have checkbox tag like

<stripes:checkbox name="user.enabled" style="enabled"

the problem is that  if 'enabled' property set to 'false',
${actionBean.user.enabled} evaluates to "false" and checkbox renders as
set, which is of course is not what I want.

Thanks in advance, Sergey.

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