Re: [Stripes-users] Problem with value binding

Subject:   Re: [Stripes-users] Problem with value binding (find more)
From:   Florian Falkner <hidden> (find more)
Date:   Jan 21, 2006 08:22

Hi Tim!

First thanks for your quick answer, it brought me on the right track, that
there is something wrong with my form elements.
I've found the error - it was not Stripes' fault.

The action URL in my backing bean was @UrlBinding("/CreateCaller.action"), the
form action in my jsp sites was <stripes:form action="CreateCaller.action">,
without slash.
So far everything (saving, etc.) worked fine this way, besides the problems I
mentioned in my last email.
Adding the slash did the trick, binding and validation work perfectly now -
the devil is in the details :-)

thanks for your help and hava a nice weekend,

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